Minecon Live 2019 news roundup – Minecraft will bee filled with honey soon

During Minecon Live the team at Mojang has showed that Minecraft is more alive than ever. At the event they showed updates to Minecraft Java and Bedrock, news on Minecraft Earth and showed the opening cinematic of Minecraft:Dungeons.

Minecraft update – bees and a nether update

Two weeks ago we reported on the possibility for fans to vote on their favorite biome to receive an update in Minecraft. Fans could choose between mountains, swamps and badlands to be updated. The viewers voted on mountains to receive an update first. This means deep snow, goats and more are coming to the game soon.

But before the mountain biome update, the game receives two significant updates. The next update is the Nether Update, which gives the nether dimension in Minecraft some extra love. This update adds piglins (a non-zombie ‘Zombie Pigmen’), who build settlements and are hostile, new biomes, game mechanics and a whole new set of visual effects.

The other update coming to the game is the bees update. Mojang has added bees, beehives and honey blocks to the game. You can build your own beehives, to increase crop growth and create honey blocks. When a beehive is pacified with a campfire, players can extract the honey blocks from the hives.

The bees are rather big though.

Mojang is also adding the recently announced character creator to the game. These characters will be shared around all the versions of the bedrock edition. And will work for Minecraft Earth too.

Lastly, Mojang has announced Realms Plus and new modding tools. With Realms Plus players have the option of an extra subscription tier. With this tier players have access to more than 50 items from the Minecraft Marketplace. Mojang will be adding more content for subscribers each month. New developer tools have been announced too, which will give mod creators more tools. Mod creators also have access to a ‘TNT wand’ which effectively gives them the ability to destroy large parts of the map. They’ll also be able to turn complete parts of the world into TNT blocks.

Minecraft Earth open beta in October

The augmented reality game for mobile phones will open public early access this October. They’ll add more countries to the early access and aim to have it running globally by the end of the year. More information on how to signup can be found here.

Minecraft Dungeons opening cinematic

At Minecon Live Mojang and Double Eleven showed the opening cinematic trailer of Minecraft:Dungeons. More information in our separate news post.

Minecraft board game

Mojang and Ravensburger have also announced a new board game. It’s coming to Europe in October and the US in November.

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