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AfterParty, the game where you drink Alcohol in Hell, is coming to Xbox Game Pass October 29th

“In Afterparty, you play as two recently deceased best friends, Milo and Lola, about to be “processed” for an eternity in Hell. But they learn of a nigh impossible technicality: anybody who can outdrink Satan is granted re-entry to Earth. Time to pub-crawl through Hell.”

That’s a hell of a pitch for a game, isn’t it? Afterparty, from Night School Studio, makers of OxenFree, is a game where you go from various different locations consuming alcohol. You also make choices along the way, and learn about Milo and Lola, the two main characters.

It sounds intriguing as hell, and the good news is it will launch day one via Xbox Game Pass on October 29th.

It will also be launching on other platforms, so no matter where you play, make sure to give it a look.

Quote and other information via Xbox Wire

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