Microsoft will be donating all money from X019 ticket sales to SpecialEffect

Microsoft has confirmed today that all money earned from ticket sales for this years X019 event will donated to gaming charity Special Effect.

SpecialEffect is a wonderful charity that creates and loans customsed control set-ups to enable gamers with physical disabilities to play. They also worked closely with Microsoft in creating the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which has earned the delight of charities and gamers with disabilities.

“SpecialEffect are honoured to be the partner charity for X019 and we’d like to thank every single person involved for their support. Our work with Xbox as one of the organisations involved in the development of the  Xbox Adaptive Controller, plus our project to make Minecraft gaze-accessible, means that many more gamers with disabilities, not only in the UK but across the globe, can now have a chance to experience the magic of video games. Funds raised from X019 will help SpecialEffect to keep on meeting the growing demand for our work helping gamers with disabilities to experience the fun and inclusion of video games.”

Dr Mick Donegan – Founder of SpecialEffect

X019 is a global celebration of all things Xbox, and I’ll be on the ground with all the XboxEra crew to bring you the latest news.

Tickets for X019 go on sale Tuesday October 1st for £19 and can be purchased via the official X019 event website.

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