At Minecon fans can choose which biome will be added to Minecraft next

Article by · September 17, 2019 ·

On September 28th people can vote on the next biome coming to Minecraft. When you tune in live to MineCon you are eligible to vote. There’s choice between three biomes. Swamp, mountain and badlands.

Minecon 2019

On September 28th, you’ll not only be able to vote on the next biome, but fans will hear more information on everything Minecraft.

Minecon Live will be a 90 minute stream. After the live shows Mojang will feature a couple of panels from Minecraft modders live on the Minecraft YouTube channel.

Minecon 2019 announcement trailer

The event is being held in Nashville, Tennessee – but sadly tickets are sold out. So, if you don’t have tickets the world wide web is your way to go.

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