Gears 5 is a huge success with the help of GamePass

Gears 5 is Xbox Game Studios biggest game in years, and so far it seems as though it’s a big hit.

Industry analysts have particularly noted how Gamepass is contributing to the large playerbase Gears 5 seems to have.

@BenjiSales noted on twitter how Gears 5 has actually surpassed FortNite on Xbox as the #1 played game.

This is no small feat. As Benji mentioned, it’s been a long time since FortNite was not number one, and Gears 5 was able to remove it from it’s reign.

@ZhugeEX pointed out that Gears 5 was the first “mega hit” on Gamepass and that there was a high number of sign ups to the service.

We don’t have official word from Xbox yet, but from the information we have so far, it looks like Gears 5 is the first big success story for Gamepass.

It’s easy to downplay Gamepass and say that the numbers don’t really matter because the games are free, but having a game be incredibly popular, draw the eyes of millions of new players, and to get users to sign up for a service seems to be the goal of Xbox.

Sure, it might hurt the traditional sale of a game, but I’m sure Xbox doesn’t mind if that means millions of new subscribers to their thriving services.

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