Our Favorite Memories from Gears

Gears 5 is mere hours away, and before that, we wanted to share a few of our favorite moments from the Gears franchise.

There is no rhyme or reason for what we chose, just something we liked, loved, or appreciated about the series. Let’s start with what SuikerBrood chose, which was his experience with Gears 4.

SuikerBrood: Gears 4 was my first encounter with the world of Sera. I didn’t (and still haven’t) played Gears 1 to 3 or Judgement. Sure, the game started out slow while fighting the DeeBee’s, but after that the campaign really grabbed me. I personally have a lot of trouble finishing games, keeping attention with games and finding a story interesting enough to keep invested in it. But Gears 4, even if it isn’t seen as the best entry in the series, did that for me.

I have a general dislike for third person action games. I can’t stand Tomb Raider, for example. But Gears 4’s cover shooting, action packed gameplay and lack of (to me) annoying things like puzzles and metroidvania-esque elements made it a joy to play.

My favorite moments in Gears of War 4 must’ve been the horror-light elements. Walking through dark corridors filled with swarm slime.. growth.. or whatever it was. It really grabbed me from start to finish.

So, as a newcomer to the series I’m very excited for Gears 5. I think the new characters should get more time to develop, while keeping the old fans engaged with the old characters.

Proven: While SuikerBrood got into the series a couple of years ago, I was someone who had been a fan since the original game. For the first two entries, I only played campaign.

I didn’t bother with multiplayer at all, until Gears of War 3. The main reason I got into Gears of War 3’s Multiplayer was how great it looked. Gears of War 3 looked simply stunning on the 360, and it made me want to really play more and more of it after I beat the campaign. And then I found out that a couple of my Halo buddies were also big Gears fans and were actually really good at the game.

Gears Multiplayer, in case you don’t know, has a steep learning curve. It is often called a gnasher/wall bouncing fest for a reason. It’s hard to become good and easy to be bad. For the first couple dozen hours of playing I was not very good at the game. I didn’t know how to wall bounce properly, I couldn’t land any gnasher shots. My rifle and pistol game was just not good enough.

Then, I started to slowly and slowly become competent, and by the end of my hundreds upon hundreds of hours with the game, I could say that I was actually pretty good.

It’s probably the only game outside the Halo series where I went from being absolutely horrible to good. Third person multiplayer games usually are not my strong suit, but something about Gears spoke to me and made me want to get good at the game.

The same urge I had to continue to get better in Gears 3 is the same urge I have going into Gears 5, and I’m excited to get started.

So, what do you think? What are your favorite moments or memories from the series? Feel free to leave a comment below, or connect with us on our social media pages. For more on all things Gears, Xbox, and more, stay tuned to XboxEra.com

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