Dave Bautista is finally in Gears

Dave Bautista, famous for being a star in the WWE and many movies, is finally in Gears.

Bautista has long campaigned to play Marcus Fenix in the upcoming Gears movie, and he finally gets his chance, but for now it will be in video game form.

Bautista announced on twitter that he will be a playable characters in Gears 5, saying “It’s about damn time.”

Xbox Wire added further information on twitter by saying that Bautista will be wearing “the armor of Marcus Fenix” in Gears 5.

There’s still no confirmation on whether or not he will get a chance to play Fenix in the Gears movie, but the chance of it happening looks more and more plausible.

Gears 5 launches in two days, and we’re excited. Stay tuned to for all things Gears, Xbox, and more.

Austin "Proven"

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