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Lord of The Rings Adventure Card Game delayed for consoles

During the ID@Xbox segment at E3 this year, Microsoft showed a trading card game with The Lord of the Rings branding. This game is being created by Asmodee Digital, known for Pandemic, Catan and many more board and card games turned video game experiences. The game has released for Steam this week, but the console version of the game has been delayed till ‘autumn 2019’

Delayed for consoles

The game should’ve released simultaneously for consoles and pc, but it seems Asmodee needs a little more time to bring the world of Middle-Earth to consoles. The game is launching on Xbox Game Pass, so when the game does drop on consoles, Xbox players can play right away when they’re a member of Game Pass (and why shouldn’t you be at this point).

Steam release out now

The game released on Steam with mixed reception. Most negative reviews on Steam seem to dislike the fact that the game is not a one to one recreation of the physical trading card game. But, those reviews were mostly before the 1.0 release of the game. In the end it could well be a good thing the game gets a little more time before it releases on consoles.

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