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Gears 5 Campaign Previews

Gears 5 is less than a week away, and previews for the campaign are beginning to drop.

The embargo just dropped, so as more and more previews begin to release, this page will be updated.

Make sure to check back in regularly so you don’t miss anything.

CogConnected– Gears 5 Drops ‘of War’ Because It’s a Whole New Thing

WindowsCentral– The evolution you’ve been waiting for

WindowsCentral– Gears 5 team talks Xbox One tech, PC promises, 4K ambition

GameSpot– Huge, Open Levels And Creative Combat Deliver Big Changes

GameSpot – Gears 5 Campaign is inspired by Open World Games and RPGs

PressStart (AU)– Bigger And Better

GamesRadar– Gears 5 is bold and beautiful – hands-on with the biggest Gears of War campaign ever made

GamesRadar– A deep dive into the most ambitious Gears of War game ever created

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