Blair Witch is out now – available on Xbox Game Pass

Bloober Team's Blair Witch has released on Xbox Game Pass today.

Horror game Blair Witch has launched today. Players can jump into this 5-6 hour horror game with Xbox Game Pass right now. This horror game with the Blair Witch Project branding and storytelling was featured at Microsoft’s E3 stage and turned many heads. We’ve had plenty of trailers since the reveal, but most of the gameplay had stayed under wraps. Since today players are able to join Bullet and Ellis on their journey through this forest.

Blair Witch launch trailer

Reviews so far have been okay, with the game scoring around a 72 Metacritic score on PC and 75 Metacritic score on Xbox One. It seems developer Bloober Team has been able to nail the atmosphere of the game. But some bugs and performance issues may hold the game back.

Some users have reported stuttering issues, so for people who’d like the game to their backlog, maybe wait for a patch. But horror fans should jump in to play as soon as they can.

We just hope the dog will be okay.

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