Microsoft shows the story behind every Xbox One controller

Microsoft shows they've made a lot of controllers. And they love 'm. And you don't need to be afraid that they'll become useless, as you can use all controllers with next gen.

With Gamescom, Microsoft has added three new controllers to the Xbox One controller catalogue. The Sport Blue, the Night-Ops Camo and Gears 5 special edition controllers were shown off during this live event. Microsoft sure loves their controllers, as now they’ve added a video to their channel where they talk about every controller they’ve made for this generation and tell the story behind every single one of them.

Every Xbox One Controller Ever Made – Xbox YouTube Channel

Recently, Microsoft also announced that Xbox One controllers will work with the next Xbox console. So, when you pick up an Elite Series 2 or a Gears 5 controller now, you’ll be able to use them with your next gen machine.

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