Blair Witch is a 5-6 hour game, but has multiple endings

Blair Witch will take 5 to 6 hours to finish. But the game will also have multiple endings.

According to an interview with, the new horror game from Bloober Team, Blair Witch will take five to six hours to finish. But there’s more than that.

Maciej Glomb, developer at Bloober Team, said it will take ”between five and six hours” to finish Blair Witch. But, after the first run you aren’t necessarily done. The game has multiple endings to increase the replayability. So, even when you have finished the game there are plenty of reasons to revisit the game. According to Glomb the experience is completely different in the second playthrough, not necessarily because the game changes that much, but because you know what’s coming.

Blair Witch screenshot

Blair Witch is launching on August 30. The game is coming to Xbox One and PC. Game Pass subscribers will be happy to know that the game is coming day and date to Xbox Game Pass for PC and console.

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