Gears Pop! is coming to Windows 10 and mobile August 22 – Xbox achievements revealed

When Gears Pop! was revealed at E3 2018, the crowd wasn’t exactly buzzing, to say the least, but at the end of the day it seems The Coalition and Mediatonic have created a mobile game worth looking at. Gears Pop! is releasing on iOS, Android and Windows 10 on August 22th. Yes, that’s tomorrow. And the game has Xbox achievements to unlock.

Gears Pop! Boomer Buddy Gamescom trailer

Looking for some, reasonably easy, achievements to score? Gears Pop has got you covered. Today The Coalition has revealed the Xbox Live achievements. But if you want to 1000/1000 it, it’ll take some time. One of the achievements requires thousand wins in Versus Battles.

So… what is this game about?

Gears Pop is a mobile game. Your typical Gears of War characters are now turned into Funko characters. And they’ll fight on the battlefield for you. In Gears Pop you can place pins in an arena, which all have different abilities and strengths, who will help you win battles. The game has a surprising amount of depth to it, you can mix and match your team the way you want, to create that one indestructible combination of Gears characters. The game features cross-save between Windows 10, Android and iOS.

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