Halo Reach character pack coming to Gears 5

It looks like there will be a Halo Reach-Gears 5 tie in, and from the image below it looks like it will be a Reach character pack in Gears 5 multiplayer.

Reddit user NothingxGood is the one who spotted this, and it looks like this is a case of pulling the trigger too soon.

Gamescom kicks off very soon, in a mere couple of hours we will be seeing brand new footage of Gears 5 horde and campaign.

This was probably meant to be announced at the show, but it looks like it leaked a bit early.

This is a cool tie in, Halo and Gears are two of the flagship franchises for Xbox. Hopefully there’s even more surprises abound during Gamescom.

Update: It’s official

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