A “Microsoft/Xbox” game to be announced for switch during Nintendo’s IndieWorld Direct

Xbox games coming to switch isn’t anything new. Games like Cuphead have recently found their way onto the platform, and it looks like a new one is on it’s way soon.

Daniel Ahmad, who is a senior analyst at Niko Partners, seems to be confirming that an Xbox game is making its way to Switch via Twitter.

The “rumors/leaks” he is talking about is probably in reference to the long rumored Ori and the Blind Forest port to switch. It makes a lot of sense, Ori is a platforming/Metroidvania game and would fit the Switch platform perfectly.

It’s an excellent game and one of the best Microsoft exclusives. If the rumors and this report are true, it looks like it won’t be exclusive much longer.

The IndieWorld direct happening Monday isn’t the only event in gaming happening that day. Monday is also when Gamescom is happening, and Xbox is bound to have a big presence.

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