Pets are coming to Sea of Thieves this September!

In an interview with Eurogamer the team behind the sandbox pirating experience Sea of Thieves talk about their new monthly update schedule and how this affects the stream of content coming to the game. And they’ve got a little furred surprise for us next month.

It can be hard for a studio to create a decent work-life balance. Sea of Thieves is a service game through and through and requires constant updating. The game will now have a strict update schedule. Every second Wednesday of the month an update will launch. It gives players an idea of when new content is coming out and it gives the studio the possibility to deliver content as it is ready. Features will now be able to land when they are ready, instead of when the deadline has hit. This leads to a more sustainable working environment. The interview with executive producer Joe Neate and creative director Mike Chapman over at Eurogamer is very insightful and we’d recommend every Sea of Thieves fan to read it.

A Sea of Thieves cat

At the end of the interview, Rare has revealed that in the next update – called Reaper’s Bones – the first wave of Sea of Thieves pets will enter the game. The pets will be part of the Pirate Emporium. This is the Sea of Thieves in-game shop with microtransactions. It’s still unknown which pets will come to the game in September.

And besides pets the long awaited opening of a, since launch, closed shop above the Orders of Souls at the Outposts is coming in September. The rest of next months update remains a mystery. Joe Neate does tell us in the interview that next months update will also include Arena improvements. So, for the competitive Sea of Thieves players out there; there is something to look forward too for you as well.

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