Halo App on Windows is being shut down

The Halo app on Windows PC, which was introduced 3 years ago this month, will no longer be supported as of August 16th.

343 explains the process of the shut down below. You can read the full quote in context here.

Beginning today, Halo and HCS news content will no longer be published within the Halo App. Instead, you can continue to find all of this same great content on and

Halo Wars 2 game stats will continue to populate within the app until 2/16/2020, but the same data can also be found within the game client and on Halo Waypoint.

We recommend that you go ahead and uninstall the Halo app as there will be no more content, updates, support, or functionality being added. If you currently use the Halo PC app to launch Halo Wars 2 or Halo 5: Forge, as of 8/16/2019 you will need to launch each application individually. Please note that this will have zero impact to your ability to play and enjoy these games and has no impact on performance.

The Halo app was essentially a hub for Halo fans on PC. They could launch available halo titles via the app, and were able to see up to date news on the series.

343 also recently announced that they were no longer going to support Halo Wars 2, making it a week where the company seems to be doing some house cleaning.

The next year or so for 343 will be the biggest in their companies history. Not only are they bringing Halo MCC to PC, they’re also launching Halo Infinite for PC, Xbox One, and Project Scarlett.

It’s safe to say that 343 has a lot on their plate, and there’s sure to be big plans as these games are released. These recent announcements of discontinued support is disappointing, but the resources are more than likely being allocated elsewhere.

And with Halo MCC and Infinite releasing on PC, there is assuredly big things being planned for both those game in terms of support. But it looks like the Halo app integration isn’t part of the plan

We’ll just have to wait and see what is being planned for what is sure to be an exciting time for Halo fans.

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