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Sea of Thieves new monthly update ‘Dark Relics’ adds rowboats with harpoons, better hit detection and more

Rare’s pirate adventure game has had a couple of big updates in its first year of existence. Since the Anniversary Update in April, the studio has changed their method of updating the game. Last month the Black Powder Stashes update was the first monthly update. From now on, Rare will update the game every month on the first Wednesday of the month. Today, Rare has announced the Dark Relics update. It includes a couple of new timed voyages and cosmetics, but maybe even more interesting, a couple of great quality of life features for the game.

In this months update the pirates on the seas have gotten a message from the Order of Souls

In this month’s update, the Order of Souls has a special request for brave pirates! Skeletons have stolen a trove of dangerous artefacts, known ominously as Dark Relics. For the next few weeks, assist in the urgent recovery effort and you’ll be well rewarded, but you’ll have to butt heads with some skulls along the way. Find the Relics to earn Commendations and gold, while boosting your reputation with the Order on your path to Pirate Legend!

Players will be able to do Dark Relic voyages, which involves getting some special dark relics and delivering them to the Order of Souls.

But, that’s not all there’s to it. Rare has also added a new type of item to the game. The Reaper’s Chests are cursed treasures. They’ve got the Reaper’s Mark on them, so all crews can see where the treasure is. You can deliver these Reaper’s Chests to Duke for Doubloons.

The new rowboats with harpoons –

New to the game is a unique type of rowboat. This rowboat has a harpoon attached to it. Not all the rowboats you’ll find in the game will have this nifty attachment, but some of them do. It will be interesting to see how players will engage with this new toy in the sandbox pirate game.

Another thing fans of the game have been asking for is an improvement to the hit detection in person to person combat. Rare says it has improved the hit detection in this update.

The next update to the game will launch on September 11th.

Sea of Thieves is available on Game Pass on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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