State of Decay 2 reaches 5 million players

In an interview with Polygon, Undead Labs developers discussed State of Decay 2.

They discussed the current state of the game as well as the future. They also talk about the amount of players who have played the game. In a quote discussing the player count and future of the franchise, Quin Richards, Senior Designer says…

We’re in a really great position where we’ve gotten to keep adding players to the game,” Richards said. “We’re [at] 5 million players, and we’re looking to grow.”

State of Decay 2 is a great game, one I called the best zombie apocalypse game ever made.

It launched with a lot of bugs and jank, and was criticized by some for lacking much in terms of story depth. Undead Labs has done a great job improving the game. From story based DLCs like Heartland to frequent content updates.

The State of Decay franchise seems to be in an excellent place, from a great foundation to a growing player base.

We don’t know what is next for the franchise. Will they make State of Decay 3 and make it the game they always wanted with the sure to be budget increase? Will they continue building State of Decay 2 for years to come and it make it the next great Games as a Service?

It’s hard to say, but whatever apocalypse they decide to build, their player count should continue to grow.

Remember, State of Decay 2 is free to play with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. So if you haven’t spent a night surviving a zombie infested world yet, you can go ahead and give it a try.

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