Descenders developer Mike Ross says that Xbox Game Pass helped “quadruple” sales of the game.

In a recent interview With gamesindustry, descenders developer Mike Ross explained how game pass has actually increased sales of his game.

He explained why this is the case below.

Being on Game Pass means that you basically have constant featuring on Xbox. You’re game is on the dashboard all the time… People are seeing our game every day.

“And because of that, during launch month, our Xbox sales — we didn’t do any discounts on it or anything — quadrupled, and have now settled to about three times as much as before. It’s essentially an advert; a straight up advert.

We have heard something similar before, notably from Phil Spencer.

At first glance, it might be confounding to hear this. If the game is available for “free (by paying the subscription fee for game pass) then why would anyone buy the game?

Descenders has gotten the game pass bump and shown impressive sales

Well, it has become clear by now that by making the game more easily accessible to everyone, it acts as free marketing for the game.

If a game is available on game pass, it’s going to be showcased on the Xbox dashboard. If the game is free to download with a game pass subscription, more people will play the game.

If those people really love the game, they may end up buying the game to ensure they own it. Their friends might also see them playing it and buy it themselves.

If someone streams the game, it could lead to viewers buying the game as well.By letting game pass showcase your game, it leads to more opportunities for the game to get noticed.

As more and more developers see the impact that game pass is reportedly having on sales, then it could lead to even more games added to game pass.

It seems like a win-win-win for everyone involved; Microsoft, developers, and customers. Let’s hope Game Pass continues to grow and bring tremendous value to everyone involved.

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