Twitch promotes a pornography channel on Ninja’s page – Ninja & Twitch CEO respond

With the first official transfer in the streaming world also comes the drama it seems. Today Twitch has, accidentally, shown a pornography channel on Ninja’s homepage on Twitch. It’s an interesting turn of events, after Twitch started promoting other channels on Ninja’s account after the streamers move to Mixer.

Ninja’s profile page on Twitch, with the recommendations –

After moving to Mixer, Ninja’s page on Twitch has turned into a Fortnite recommendation page. In this uncommon move by Twitch they have added a banner to the page saying ”The streamer you’re looking for is in another castle.” which is unusual, as it doesn’t happen with other streamers.

Today, someone was streaming pornography on Twitch, with over 10 thousand viewers. This showed up in Ninja’s profile, due to the recommendations. Ninja has responded on Twitter with a small video and a short remark: ”Disgusted and so sorry.”

Ninja’s Twitter video

Ninja says his account has been singled out and that other streamers have not had this treatment. Another interesting remark is his comments about his account on Twitch. He said he had tried to remove the account, or at the very least to stop Twitch from promoting other streamers on his account.

It is important to remember that Ninja streams are rated T for teens. Which makes this whole debacle even more painful.

Update: it seems Twitch has changed Ninja’s account to a regular offline account.

Update 2: The CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear, has responded to the controversy too.

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