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RUMOR: Devil May Cry 5 might be coming to Game Pass

It appears that Devil May Cry 5 might soon be coming to Xbox Game Pass. This rumor originated on reddit, when user PrzmQ posted two pictures which show the game on a tile that says “Now available on game pass”. The two pictures the user posted on the thread can be seen below.

Now, this hasn’t officially been announced yet so we can’t know for certain. But the pictures look legit, and it wouldn’t be the first major Capcom release to hit Gamepass. Earlier this year, Monster Hunter was added to gamepass, another smash hit for Capcom.

For even more speculation, let’s dig a bit deeper.

Recently, Capcom received 19 million dollars for a one off royalty deal. The original source of this can be found here. The company didn’t answer where the money came from, but speculation arose once the new broke. Our very own SlicerDyster speculated on this and I think his guess is as good as any.

This could explain why the company did not want to answer where the money came from, as it might have revealed that DMC5 was coming to gamepass before it was ready to be unveiled.

Once you start connecting the dots, the likelihood of this all being connected seems likely. We will just have to wait and see, but if things continue to heat up, I’d expect the announcement relatively soon.

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