Roblox now has more monthly players than Minecraft

Hundred million players. Monthly. That’s the amount of active users the popular game Roblox, or better known as ROBLOX, is seeing monthly. And funnily enough, this news shows up while an enormous resurge in Minecraft popularity is happening too.

Roblox, now with 100 million active monthly players –

While Minecraft is having a lot of momentum, the game Roblox has hit a new milestone. In Roblox, a game where you are able to build all kinds of mini-games, players and communities gather to enjoy creativity. It has been constantly in the top most played games on Xbox One and it seems the game is not stopping anytime soon. The game launched in 2005, four years before Minecraft, and has continued to grow. Even 14 years later.

Meanwhile, Minecraft has more than 90 million active monthly users. So it’s entirely possible that Roblox will be surpassed by Minecraft sooner or later.

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