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#BringbackKI trending on Twitter, thanks to YouTuber Maximilian Dood

This week YouTuber Maximilian Dood has put a video online asking Microsoft to create a new Killer Instinct game. Dood is one of Killer Instincts biggest fans. A hashtag was created, which reached the trending sections on Twitter in the US and Mexico.

Maximilian Dood’s YouTube video on Killer Instinct

It is still unknown if there is a future for Killer Instinct. The original developer Double Helix has been bought by Amazon Game Studios in 2014. Development of the already released Killer Instinct was moved towards Iron Galaxy. Meanwhile the development of the game has halted since 2017. There have been no added content packs since then.

Iron Galaxy Orlando hasn’t released a game since, so it’s possible they are working on a new game. The question remains if Iron Galaxy has got what it takes to create an all new fighting game for the next generation.

Killer Instinct’s guest character Rash from Battletoads – Microsoft©

This month Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition has been added to Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox One and Windows 10. So.. there is no reason not to try it out.

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