Microsoft reveal new streamlined Dashboard UI for Xbox Insiders

Microsoft today announced a new “Home Experiment” for the Xbox One Family of devices.

Gone are the “twists” usually found spread across the top of the pages – instead the dashboard is much simpler, with buttons acting as quick shortcuts to things the Xbox team feel users will value the most, namely being Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community and the Microsoft Store.

Less is…more?

However, this is far from a done deal – the new ‘experimental Home’ rolls out this week to select Xbox Insiders in Microsofts insider program, namely those on the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings.

The fact that Microsoft are labelling this an experiment perhaps suggests this is not all set in stone, and is pending user feedback.

That’s not all! For those using voice commands, it seems the ability to use Cortana via the headset is being removed; instead users can speak to their digitial assistant (Cortana or Alexa) via their phone or home assistant for the same result.

What do you think? A great step forward or a terrible idea that should be reversed immediately?

Let us know in the comments below.


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