Sea of Thieves & Twitch announce $100,000 tournament

Rare & Twitch are hosting a Twitch:Rivals event for Sea of Thieves. These Twitch:Rivals events are events where affiliaties and partners can compete in streamer versus streamer games. The stream will be hosted on but viewers can also watch the content creators they like.

The tournament will be held on July 23th in North America and July 24th in Europe. The Twitch:Rivals tournament will feature 80 players, 20 per event.

Twitch Rivals are Twitch hosted partner & affiliate tournaments

Price money & special bonuses

There are 4 events. During event 1 & 4 teams can earn $2000 for a first place, $1,200 for a second place. Teams finishing last earn $200.

During event 2 & 3 teams can earn $1,200 for a first place and $800 for a second place finishing.

The most interesting aspect of this tournament are the bonuses. The team digging up the most chests earns $600, the team collecting the most chests also earns $600. Sinking the most ships also earns you $600, while keeping your ship as safe as possible and not letting it get sunk also earns you $600. For the second and third event these bonuses are a little lower.

So.. teams are able to win up to $14,600 during the event. And even the worst teams will earn at least $1,200.

Watch and win

Want to watch the event? You should! When watching at least one Arena match on either the Sea of Thieves channel or the Twitch Rivals channel, you’ll earn a piece of the Obsidian Set. You can earn pieces of the set on both days. More information on the Sea of Thieves website.

Sea of Thieves Twitch Rivals: Obsidian set reveal

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